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COVID-19 Latest Updates

 Please check back here for the latest updates relating to COVID-19.


All items are shipped via USPS. To reduce health risks for USPS employees and customers and to safeguard operational and business continuity, the Postal Service has released the following statement:

USPS Media Statement, COVID-19


"Importantly, the CDC (, the World Health Organization (, as well as the Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail."

source: USPS

Last Updated April 22, 2020


When we asked our camo community how we could help support relief efforts, most of the responses requested the same thing - basic essentials, like masks.

We jumped right in and have now developed a washable, durable, expanded-fit performance knit Camo Face Mask Cover, that is available now.

Please note: These Face Mask Covers should not be used instead of a N95 mask or proper filtering face mask respirator (FFR), however with the shortages of such protective masks, we hope by providing access to Face Mask Covers it may help offer some additional barrier protection against coughs and sneezes, while also reducing  the propensity for people to touch their faces, which is apparently a major source of infection without proper hand hygiene.

Orders of Face Mask Covers will be given first priority in the workshop - so you get them as soon as possible - and we are also dedicated to keep processing and shipping all other orders with minimal delays. 

Last Updated April 2, 2020


During this time, if we experience shortage of material/supplies, any impacted products will be set to Sold Out in our store; i.e. They will be unavailable for purchase.

If you are interested in one of the Sold Out items, please click Notify Me When Available which you will find located above the product's description.

Last Updated March 25, 2020


We have implemented a 2-Step Disinfection Process for all jewelry orders;

Step 1. 
Disinfectant Spray applied during Production & Assembly;

Step 2. 
Second Spray and Wipe-down during Packing & Fulfilment. 

Last Updated March 22, 2020


[Excerpt] "The CDC, the World Health Organization, as well as the Surgeon General have indicated that there is currently no evidence that COVID-19 is being spread through the mail."

Click Here to read the full statement by USPS.

Last Updated March 22, 2020


During this time, due to the extra care being taken with your order, please allow up to 4 additional days Handling time for some items*.

*Items include Womenswear (excl. dresses & leggings), Babywear (excl. footwear), Bags, Custom Jewelry

Last Updated March 20, 2020

For more information relating to COVID-19, please check this earlier update